by Amarula Estate

Destination Weddings:- Why settle for afternoon/evening wedding when you can have a three days wedding.

Amarula Estates is a sought after venue for destination weddings. Why settle for an afternoon/evening wedding when you can have a three-day wedding for the same price. The wedding party arrives around 2:00 Friday afternoon, the rest of the family and close friends arrive for the dress rehearsal dinner. After dinner and rehearsal, they retire to the spa bar where they enjoy their evening with drinks, laughter, and enjoy the spa bar jacuzzi and sauna. The next day, it's your wedding day. Preparations are completed by late Saturday morning, it's time to get dressed. In preparation for the wedding, the bridal party spends some time in the jacuzzi or sauna or maybe a masseuse and hairdresser could come to the house to get them prepared. The wedding ceremony could be held in front of the house by the fountain, next to the pool or under the huge oak trees. Afterward, guests get refreshments from the spa bar to enjoy around the pool while photographs are being taken. Time for the wedding buffet which can be served on the large back porch which could comfortably accommodate up to 60 people around tables. After dinner and deserts, folks move indoors where furniture has been moved to make space for a dance floor and DJ, where dancing can continue till 10:00 o clock Most weddings is over when the guests leave but you still have another day. Sunday is that lazy day when you arise mid-morning to a well-prepared brunch and spend the rest of the day at the pool with friends and those cousins you haven't seen in years. Monday morning is clean-up time and you leave at 10:00 bound for home.Weeks later when you look at the photos of the wedding you say to yourself wow I had a three-day weekend wedding for the price of an afternoon/evening wedding'